Hello! My name is…

This may be your run of the mill introduction post but it seems like a necessity for a brand new blog.

My name is Mary and I am Sophomore at a University in Pennsylvania. I am a former competitive swimmer, a former 4-Her (its not all about cows and corn, I promise) and the youngest of 5 children. My older siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters, are all extremely successful and good looking and I’m just trying to be the smartest…with questionable results.

You may be wondering, what on earth is a Marbear? and you would be totally justified in that thought. It is, in fact, my nickname, given to me by my friend, Katelyn, within the first 3 weeks of college. It has gone viral among my friends and I can count on one hand how many times I am called by my real name in a week. But honestly, I love it and it’s my first nickname ever, so life is good.

Now life as an Undergraduate Physician Assistant student (NOT Physician’s, my friend Tricia will bite your head off…literally) is no walk in the park. While the freshman year of college for many millions of students across the US is all liberal arts courses, parties and copious amounts of sleeping, my first year consisted of Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and all nighters (well, almost all nighters) in the 3rd floor study room. I’m not saying life sucked but…..it sucked. Even through all these rough times, I met some of the best people I’ve ever known and they have since become my best friends.

I, along with my PA friends, cannot stop talking about Anatomy. While this may sound completely bizzare, it consumed our lives for about 9 months and every chance we get, no matter how inappropriate the situation, dinner especially, we talk about disorders, diseases and conditions regardless of who is at the table. This can be incredibly distressing for those around us, aka non-medical majors. It doesnt help much that we’re now taking Medical terminology and all of our previous knowledge has been regurgitated and expanded upon. So if any of you normal people out there are reading this, I deeply apologize.

I’m not really sure how long a post should be since I am completely new to this blog thing, but I figure I can’t say everything about me in one post because then what would make you want to come back? While I doubt I will have regular readers, don’t expect a post too often during the school year because I honestly cannot stop studying….its a problem. But thanks for reading all the way through!