Time is on my side

To start this post off, I love reading. This, of course, stemmed from a lack of television and led to my desire to time travel. But I’m getting ahead of myself… let me explain.

My family has had television for a grand total of 2 years in my 21-year lifespan. We have a television, albeit a very large, old and boxy one, but we used it to watch VHS tapes and DVDs rather than cable. The only reason we had it for 2 years was because we really, really wanted to see the 2008 Olympics, aka Michael Phelps and swimming. You may think, “Mary, the Olympics only last for a month of that year!” and you would be absolutely right. You’re so clever, reader. This is where our diabolical plan (concocted by my siblings and myself) comes into play. Following the Olympics, we convinced my mother that we should keep the service just until the World Series in October… and then the Super Bowl in January, and so on and so forth until we had stretched it out to two years and my mom had had enough.

However, before my family had TV to watch, we read books and we read a lot of them. Reading was a big part of my childhood. It started when my father would tell us stories and read to us before bed. When we were very little, it was picture books and very silly stories that were made up by my dad. When we got a little older, the books changed to more advanced stories like The Borrowers, the Hobbit and my personal favorite, Redwall.

When I was finally able to read by myself, the first books I read were the Magic Tree House Books which, of course, are about time travel (Finally! She’s gotten to the point!). Back in the day, it would take me several days to read each book, which is sad because they’re only like 50 pages long. Now, I can knock them out in about 15 minutes. But I digress. Jack and Annie, the main characters, were mine and my brother Michael’s age and they traveled through time in a magic tree house to have fabulous adventures in historic places. I could easily imagine myself in every single storybook destination: the Titanic, the Wild West, the Civil War, Camelot, Ancient Greece and so on. The history fascinated me, as did the portrayal of the characters and it started a long lasting interest in the past and in time travel. See? We’ve come full circle.

So next time you’re in a historical city like Boston or Philadelphia and you’re wondering what it would have been like to live during the Revolutionary War, just close your eyes and imagine you are traveling through time, the world is spinning and spinning and then everything is still…absolutely still. Not only are you in the past but you magically have the right clothing, currency and education to survive whatever environment you happen to be in…how convenient. Thanks for reading!


P.S. The sporadic nature of this blog will continue as such because PA school is hard and I don’t have any time. This post is brought to you courtesy of the very short summer break period. 🙂 See you next time!


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