My Favorite Place

Among the chaos and stress in the world of college, I often wish that I had a completely quiet place where I could escape. It has been far too long since I was in my favorite place in the world, aka the bottom of a pool. Now most people wouldn’t think of this as a familiar or comfortable place. Unless of course, you spent almost 12 full years in a pool with at least half of that time spent underwater. It is so quiet that it is the only place that I have ever felt truly alone. Not only is it completely, absolutely and totally silent, it’s also a gorgeous shade of blue down there.

Swimming was one of the biggest parts of my life from elementary school to high school. These 12 years that I spent in this hot, wet and chlorine filled atmosphere were the best and worst years of my life. In those “worst” years, there were those times where hiding underwater was all that I wanted to do. Now while this didn’t usually happen during practice, the bottom of the pool was a nice place to chill out afterwards. Sinking to the bottom of the pool, wearing goggles and all, is immensely calming, surrounded by water. When you’re all alone in the pool, it is complete silence, but if others are swimming around on the surface, you can distantly hear the splashes. Not only is it peaceful, its also beautiful. You’re encompassed by all colors of blue and a view (on a good day) from one end of the pool to the other.

As much as I try, I can’t really explain this place to an extent that can do it justice. Here’s what you do. Go to your local pool, put on a pair of goggles and sink to the bottom. Experience the gorgeous colors, the awesome view and, best of all, the complete silence. Its a peace like you’ve never experienced.
Maybe you have to be a swimmer (or a former swimmer!) to truly appreciate it but hey, its worth a try!

You can thank me later.

🙂 Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!